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Nixplay Signage Display

15.6, 21.5, 24, 32, 43, and 55 inch sizes

Eye Candy
Form and function exist in perfect harmony with our ingeniously simple display design.

-Robust, slimline design
-Wall-mountable with VESA mount slot
-Easy to configure for portrait or landscape orientation
-Available from 15.6, 21.5, 24, 32, 43, and 55 inch sizes

The Future’s Bright
Make your message clear with stunning resolution and vibrant displays.

-16:9 Full High Definition (1080p) IPS Display for stunning resolution
-350 cd/m2 brightness offers optimal visibility of your messaging
-Wide viewing angle
-Backlit LED for lower energy consumption and increased screen life

Hardware Specifications
-Content is played from 16GB internal storage
-2GB of DDR
-USB drive/SD/SDHC card ports
-RK3288 chipset to decode 4K video and H.265 content, ensuring smooth graphics transitions
-Modern CPU with 4 Cortex-A17 cores for fast processing speeds
-No media player required
-Smart Hu-Motion Sensor with 3.5m depth is energy saving, turning off displays when no motion is detected to prolong the life of the screen

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