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Stratus ztC Edge

ztC Edge – a zero-touch, reliable, secure, highly automated computing platform.Companies across industries are facing mounting pressure to be more productive and efficient. At the same time, new technologies are becoming more powerful and more connected. The influx of data from new connected devices, and the need to analyze this data is driving the need for – and growth of – new edge computing infrastructure.

Ideal for running business-critical industrial applications quickly, easily and reliably, in decentralized locations with limited to no IT resources, ztC Edge is:

Unlike other highly available edge computing solutions, Stratus ztC Edge is easy to deploy, manage, and maintain. Designed for OT but equally suitable for IT, ztC Edge can be set up, configured, operated, updated, and repaired by local staff (and remote staff for certain functions) without specialized virtualization, availability, or IT skills, offering customers superior time to value and flexibility.

Not only is ztC Edge easy to deploy, manage and maintain, it’s also easy to secure. ztC Edge is differentiated by the variety and depth of protection it offers right out of the box – protecting your data and applications from harsh environments, hardware component failures, and cyber-security threats.

Unlike other edge computing solutions, ztC Edge is highly automated, performing a variety of administrative tasks by itself and saving customers time. Self-monitoring, self-protecting, and self-synchronizing, ztC Edge is suitable for deployment in environments with resource constraints – even unmanned locations.

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