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Ransomware can steal your backup, too. Learn how to stop it

  • 2022.03.07 - 2022.03.31

Ransomware can steal your backup, too. Learn how to stop it

After someone dumped a cache of NSA-built exploitation tools on the internet in 2015, hackers suddenly had easy access to weapons-grade exploits. As a result, ransomware attacks have jumped dramatically. They have also risen from petty crimes to what now comprises a multibillion-dollar global crime spree.

The report from Forrester, Mitigating Ransomware with Zero Trust, analyzes this persistent threat and then recommends ways organizations can defend against it. Download the report to learn how:

  • Common ransomware campaigns such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and Darkside can penetrate your network and spread like wildfire
  • Even with mature backup and recovery, it has taken some organizations many months to recover
  • A Zero Trust strategy — which includes internal microperimeters to secure infrastructure components — can stop lateral movement

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