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FUJITSU announced partnership with TriTech for Client Computing Devices

  • 2022.01.21

FUJITSU announced partnership with TriTech for Client Computing Devices
Enriching TriTech’s distribution product line to capture market opportunities together



Hong Kong, Jan 17, 2022Fujitsu Business Technologies Asia Pacific Limited (“FBTA”), a leading provider of Japan quality business notebook, today announced an expansion of strategic partnership with well-established and reputed IT provider TriTech Distribution Limited (“TriTech”) for FUJITSU Client Computing Devices to accelerate growth for both companies in the fastest growing digital workplace market, creating compelling value for both companies.

香港, 2022117 – 日本優質商務電腦供應商富士通商業科技 (亞太區) (FBTA)今天宣佈擴展與香港著名IT代理及系統整合商TriTech Distribution Limited (“TriTech”)的合作關係,增加其分銷電腦客戶端設備(Client Computing Devices)的產品線,以促進雙方在快速增長的數碼工作間市場的發展,為兩家企業進一步創造價值。


On the back of a successful partnership that started in the past, the new distribution agreement has been made for FUJITSU LIFEBOOK Business Notebooks, ESPRIMO Desktops, CELSIUS Workstations, and so forth.
Combining the respective strengths of FUJITSU’s best quality device and TriTech’s expertise in channel distribution, this strategic partnership would strengthen profit generation ability of both parties.



“We are really excited about this new partnership. This strategic distribution deal follows the announcement last year when TriTech was appointed as a distributor for FUJITSU all-in-one meeting room solution.  This initial partnership marks a huge step forward for promoting FUJTISU products to commercial clients.  We believe this new cooperation is another milestone in continuing our business growth with a long-term strategic partnership.” said Stephanie Leo, CEO of Fujitsu Business Technologies Asia Pacific.



Dr. Charlie Ip, Managing Director of TriTech Distribution said, “Hybrid work is the trend, we are constantly looking for corresponding products and solutions to evolve our portfolio. We are committed to providing the best-in-class office equipment and solutions to our business customers, helping them to improve their work efficiency. This partnership will enrich our distribution product line to meet the needs of our business clients.”

TriTech Distribution創始人兼執行董事葉嘉威指出:「混合辦公模式乃大勢所趨,我們積極搜羅品相應產品及解決方案,致力為商業客戶提供最佳的辦公室設備,協助他們提高工作效率。是次合作能豐富我們的分銷產品線,全面滿足商業客戶的需求。」


Business Notebook LIFEBOOK series: The entire product range is made in Japan and is renowned for its lightness, portability and performance. The flagship model LIFEBOOK U9311 starts at 885 g and is 15.5 mm thick, with a full range of interfaces and multiple security features, making it particularly suitable for mobile workers.

筆記型電腦LIFEBOOK系列:全線產品均由日本製造,以輕巧便攜及高效能見稱。當中旗艦級產品LIFEBOOK U9311起始重量僅885 g及厚15.5 mm;加上接口齊全及多重保安效能,特別適合流動工作者。


Desktop ESPRIMO series: The ESPRIMO G Series is 96% smaller than traditional desktops and is compact enough to hang under a desk, behind a display or on a wall. Plus, the single USB Type-CTM connection helps keeping users’ desktop clean and tidy.

桌上型電腦ESPRIMO系列:ESPRIMO G系列體積較傳統桌上型電腦小96%,外型輕巧可懸掛在桌下、顯示屏後或牆上。加上可直接透過USB Type-CTM 連接,有助用戶保持桌面整潔。


More product information:

Business Notebooks LIFEBOOK series:

Desktops ESPRIMO series:

Workstations CELSIUS series:

Tablets STYLISTIC and LIFEBOOK series:

Thin Client FUTRO series:








About Fujitsu Business Technologies Asia Pacific

Fujitsu Business Technologies Asia Pacific is the Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters for business technologies of Fujitsu Limited, Japan, responsible for wide range of client computing devices and business solutions for corporate users in Asia Market. Fujitsu Business Technologies Asia Pacific Limited pledges “Built-in Confidence” for every product under its brand name to reassure users of product and service excellence. From high performance components to stringent quality control and professional after-sales service, FUJITSU stands for reliability and satisfaction.


富士通商業科技(亞太區)是日本富士通集團商業科技的亞太區總部,專為亞洲市場的企業用戶提供廣泛的客戶端運算設備和業務解決方案。富士通商業科技(亞太區)於每款產品踐行「Built-in Confidence」的品牌信念,確保用戶滿意卓越的品質及服務。從高性能組件到嚴格的質量控制和專業的售後服務,富士通象徵著可靠和滿意


About TriTech

TriTech – Focus on innovation

TriTech apply our IT expertise, we bring out the high level of innovative power, a broad performance spectrum and assured quality standards. Our Product Portfolio Strategy is supporting our Resellers partners and our End User in optimizing their business. We focus on Cyber security and Compliance solutions, System Infrastructure, Digital Transformation , Server & Storage solutions, Backup solutions, network infrastructure ,Office Automation solutions and IoT solutions.


TriTech – 專注於創新

我們運用專業的IT知識,實現高水準創新科技、產品應用範圍廣泛及有質量保證。 我們的產品組合戰略正正支援TriTech經銷商/合作夥伴及最終用戶優化企業業務。 我們專注於網絡安全和合規管理解決方案、系統基礎設施、數字化轉型、服務器和存儲器解決方案、備份解決方案、網絡基礎設施、辦公自動化解決方案和物聯網解決方案

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